If you have a child who wants to participate in ComeN’Try, come along to any Saturday morning during the season. Information from previous season is provided here – click here

For more information on enrolments, details and fees for completing your Bronze Medallion (Aquatic Rescue) Award and other training, click here.

Members should refer to Grange SLSC Team App for up-to-date details of events, news and training schedules.

The platform for members’ communications for Patrols, Training and Development, and Surf Sports, is via the official Grange SLSC closed group Facebook pages. Once you are a member, search for the pages and ask to be accepted.

Volunteer roles exist in all areas of the club. We encourage all members to become a volunteer. More hands make light work. While volunteering helps others, studies have shown that volunteering is good for us too. Volunteering offers many benefits, including opportunities for volunteers to:

  • Gain new skills and knowledge
  • Boost their own job and career prospects
  • Enjoy a sense of achievement and fulfilment
  • Develop personally and boost self esteem
  • Enjoy better physical and mental health
  • Connect to and better understand our community
  • Meet new people and make new friends.

For more information on volunteering you can contact the Club.